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How To Dress To Impress With Heritage Clothings

Making a positive first impression in today’s world is important and achieving it takes style, skill, and finesse. Human beings are visually perceptive, and judge based on what they see. It seems as though any time we meet someone new, we size them up by their handshake, smile, verbal communication, and fashion style. And, while this seems like an antiquated way of doing things, it is what humans have done for centuries.

Keeping that in mind, we are going to share some of our favourite tips on how to dress to impress using select pieces from Heritage Clothings’ latest collection. Let’s get started:

Be Expressive- it is a good thing for today’s woman to be more expressive. They should have a unique way of presenting themselves to others. Self-expression can make a powerful first impression, especially if it is well thought-out and properly prepared. Your personality can determine what to wear and how to wear it. In some situations, there’s no strict rule, as long as you present yourself well.


Choose Something Bright- you can ensure positive first impression by appearing bright and confident. Confidence speaks volumes and you can do that by choosing a bright coloured Nala Wrap Dress. Women can be more flexible with their colour selections than men and they shouldn’t shy away from adding bright shoes or a bright handbag as an accessory. If you are not feeling 100% that day, bright clothing can project a sense of confidence.




Focus On Quality- when choosing how to dress, quality wins over quantity. If you have great red shoes and an Adriana Double-Breasted Jacket, you can incorporate them into multiple outfits. Quality will always make you look stylish. Not only do quality fashion items look good, but they also last longer. Quality items last a long time and feel comfortable on your body. People can also see it if you are wearing something special.

Wear Coordinating Shoes- many people won’t notice if you are wearing coordinating shoes, but some will. Again, choose quality and comfort. If your shoes are uncomfortable, they could change your gait and the way you walk. It is safer to choose a pair of power flats during interviews because they look professional and clean.

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