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How Fashion Can Influence Body Image?

How Fashion Can Influence Body Image?

Body image is associated with an individual’s perceptions and beliefs of their own physical appearance. Regardless of their body size and shape, people should be confident in their appearance. That feeling of confidence will radiate outward and other people will begin to have positive perceptions of you as well. Fashion can enhance personal confidence and body image in many different ways.

With that in mind, we are going to take a look at some of the ways that fashion can influence your body image: 

Pear Shape- people with a pear body shape have an extra-curvy lower body and it’s recommended to divert attention to the waist. To minimise the visually dominant lower part, choose pants with a thicker and lower waistband. Darker trousers and jeans could also be helpful. Choose clothing that adds more weight to the arms, shoulders and bust. If you want to enhance your bust, choose a sweetheart neckline. Low-slung tunic tops are ideal for people with pear shapes. Belts and scarves are recommended accessories for people with a pear body shape.

Apple Shape- people with apple body shape have a bigger midsection. Blouses with ribbing, pleating, or seaming can distract attention away from the midsection. You will appear to have a smaller waist when you wear deep V-necks. Straight-leg jeans can give you the appearance of a more proportional body. When you are wearing shirts, avoid those with too many pockets, patterns, and prints. If you wear too many embellishments, your top half could appear heavier.

Hourglass Shape- the hourglass body shape is identified by hips and shoulders that have the same width, while the waist looks more defined. People with curvy hourglass body shape can wear just about any skirt but avoid tulip skirts that can make your waist look smaller. Shirts with slimming necklines and V-necks could downplay curvier bust.

Rectangle Shape- the rectangle body shape looks straight with no waist or little definition. Hips, shoulders, and bust have a similar width because your weight is evenly distributed. It is recommended to choose clothing with feminine curves. When choosing skirts, look for those with high waistlines, because they will make rectangular body shape look curvier. To add curves to your buttock and hips, choose boot-cut pants that have lower rise.

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