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In light of the seasonal increase in courier fees, particularly affecting shipments to the United States, we recognize the associated challenges and wish to provide a solution that balances cost-effectiveness and service quality. Therefore, we are introducing a special flat-rate fee of £22 for expedited shipping exclusively to our esteemed customers in the USA throughout the month of December.

Furthermore, we are delighted to offer complimentary shipping for orders totaling £200 or more. This means that qualifying orders will not incur any shipping charges, providing an added value for our customers during this festive season. It is important to note that, for both the flat-rate expedited shipping and the complimentary shipping for orders over £200, we will utilize the same fast shipping carriers. This ensures that all orders, regardless of size, benefit from the same reliable and efficient service.

Despite the external challenges impacting shipping costs, our commitment to delivering a seamless customer experience remains steadfast. We believe that these initiatives will not only address cost concerns but also enhance the overall satisfaction of our USA customers during this special time of the year.

We wish you a joyous festive season.